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"I worked with Brecht at Showpad where he's been key to change the way we do frontend development. From implementing better testing flows, better separation of concerns to optimizing the quality and reliability of a fast growing codebase it was not an easy task."

Thibaut Nguyen - CTO Poppy mobility
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Code reviews

Wrote something you’re not quite sure of? Code reviews are an important aspect in the software development life cycle. I'll gladly review your code to increase the quality of your development process.


Made the perfect technology choice but can’t find the right competences on the market? Why don’t I train your team to become kick-ass frontend engineers?


Would you like to consult me for the development/architecture of your project? Or do you need some help in making the right technology choices? Either way, I’d love to be a part of it.


Is your team lacking experience in Angular, RxJS, Typescript? Let me help you out with that. I can offer on-site trainings where your development team will go through a rollercoaster of best practices of experience I’ve built through the years.

Angular Best Practices Training

6+ years (+50 projects) of international Angular experience in a one-day training.


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